All You Need to Know About the 8bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick

The 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick is a great addition to the gaming industry. Its innovation came to rectifying some of the disadvantages that were on the other sticks. For instance, some of the other sticks which were available could only be used while the switch was connected to the dock.

With 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick you can use it either when you are connected to the USB ports or wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. That has played out to be a really important factor to the console as it has made the gaming experience to be more quite easier.

We shall try to have a look at the in-depth factors that have made the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick to be a big gaming accessory.

1. It’s relatively affordable

It is no secret that many people who love playing games will go an extra mile and spend what they can just to get a great arcade stick that will suit their needs as expected. However, with 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick, you will not have to lose an arm and a leg before you can buy it.

At $79.99 if we consider it to be a relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other available sticks. The 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick has many great features regardless of being too fairly priced.

2. Design

By looking at it, it is apparent that the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick has a Nintendo theme. At 3.3 pounds, you will not feel as though it is heavy if you have to carry it around. It is not bulky. The body is colored light gray while the panel is black. The button’s redness gives a pop of color. There are eight buttons each having its own function. It measures 8.8 by 11.7 inches and is 2.6 tall in inches from the base.

The 8bitdo NES30 has a USB port at the back where a charging cable, six feet long, can be connected. Devices that do not allow for Bluetooth connectivity can also be connected through this UBS port. Four rubber feet have conveniently been added at the bottom so that the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick does not slide off from a surface.

Near the top edge of the stick, there is the start button, an indicator light, and even switches as well. These switches are important as they let you change from either having the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick as a XInput or DirectInput.

3. Compatibility

8bitdo NES30 arcade stick works well across many devices. It can be synced to Nintendo switch, PCs, Macs and devices running on Android. Being able to work across many other devices is convenient as it does not limit. The manual that comes with the stick will provide you a set of instructions on how you can connect to other gaming devices well. Each one of the mentioned devices which can sync to the stick is connected differently.

For instance, when you want to connect to an Android device, you will have to witch to the DINput. Power the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick by pressing and holding the start button for a few seconds. Thereafter, you will be able to use the stick via Bluetooth. It mostly pairs and functions with all the said devices without any troubles.

However, the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick cannot be connected to the Xbox or the PlayStation 4.

4. Performance

The buttons and the joystick of the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick will definitely give you a great gaming experience especially when playing the fighting games. Games such as Ultra Street Fighter will work effectively using this stick. The stick also performs very well on games that aren’t about fights. However, they need to improve on the controls, responses, and movements as they have been said not be as effective as that of some of the competitors such as Hori.

To conclude, the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick will not disappoint. Given that it can effectively pair with a range of machines, it is a good option for you if you have different devices you would like to use it one. The biggest feature, however, will remain the wireless connection that this stick is. Gone are the days where you would struggle with the many wires that come with a wired stick.

HP 15ay011nr Review

There are many laptop brands in the market, be it in the local stores or on online business platforms. The secret to deciding which one fits you is looking at the main features of a laptop. We are talking about issues such as storage space on the hard disk, image quality, processing speed, and multitasking capability. Once you understand these terms, it is easier purchasing what you really need.

Now, with this HP 15ay011nr review, there are several aspects of the HP brand to like.


HP 15-ay011nr uses dual-core 6th generation Intel processor. This makes it quite fast at running and completing several tasks at a go.

The HP 15- ay011nr laptop can perform simple graphics tasks. The Intel HD Graphics 520 chip makes this possible. Both soft copy and hard copy (paper) images produced by the HP are eye-catching, clear and sharp. Therefore, you avoid making low-quality graphics products.

The multitasking capabilities of HP 15- ay011nr will ensure you enjoy streaming videos online, go through photographs, and like every moment of it. This way, your eyes are safe from straining.

Design and construction

HP 15- ay011nr comes in an elegant black and silver color combo that makes it look great. The slim design adds to its beauty. The corners are well finished with textured liner groves for a great look. The keyboard area is large and well-spaced to ensure you are comfortable typing commands. The touchpad area is sensitive to touch, giving you easy time using this device.

The 15.6-inch screen is big enough to ensure you have a good view of the text, images, illustrations and any other content on the laptop. The resolution is amazing considering the 1920× 1080 pixel rating. You will love the high definition display of the screen and its WLED backlight nature. If you are into basic graphic design, you will love the image quality of the HP 15-ay0111nr.

This is strong, sturdy brand worth your attention. It is lightweight. The 2kgs is really nothing to carry around. This is the perfect midrange notebook laptop for those business trips and travel adventures.

If you want a slim laptop with a slot for DVDs and CDs, this is the brand to buy. It allows you enjoy time on the internet, thanks to its excellent speed. If you are into gaming, this device supports basic games.

Storage space

The 1TB hard drive capacity is spacious enough. You can store a wide range of quality content including photos, videos, movies, series, music files, and documents. Remember, high-quality videos and images are big in size, meaning they will take up more space on your hard drive. The 1TB will be enough.


HP 15-ay011nr supports file transfer through Bluetooth. Besides, there are USB ports to help with file sharing on external devices such as smartphones and flash drives. The HDMI port allows you connect your laptop to your smart TV.

Internet connection is fantastic. The 802.11ac wireless internet connection protocol is quick to ensure you enjoy your online experiences. Skyping, sending emails, watching videos and performing other tasks online will be a ride in the park.

Battery hours

You have 7hours to enjoy before HP 15- ay011nr warns you of your battery running low. This way, as long as you charge fully, you can attend class, make presentations and store photos without worrying about the battery. 7hours are enough to finish such tasks.

What about gaming?

You do not have to buy a laptop dedicated to gaming if you play simple games. HP 15-AY011nr is here for you. It supports RPG and RTS in lower settings. The heavy games are not recommended for this laptop. If you have an RTS or RPG game in lower settings but not playing well on the HP, consider buying a better Intel HD graphics card, one better than the 520 one. This will give you more thrilling, exciting, quality gaming sessions.


HP has quality sound systems to ensure you enjoy watching movies and playing games on it. The DTS sound studio provides users with great sound. Listening to music will be more appealing.

Final verdict

HP 15-AY011nr is a great laptop to invest in. Starting from its 1TB storage space, processing speed, battery life to its design and construction, these are all features to marvel at. It may not support heavy gaming or graphics but it gets many tasks done. You can multitask as well. Such shortcomings should not prevent you from acquiring a device that will be helpful in several occasions.


Sony PlayStation VR Review

Sony PlayStation VR is a popular brand when it comes to electronics. In case you are wondering what VR is, it simply stands for virtual reality. Before buying any VR device, it is essential to research and find out more about it.

Factors to consider before buying a SONY PlayStation VR

· Performance: a great VR is powerful, high quality, fast and does not have frequent technical problems. It should also be easy to use

· Price: affordability is key but the quality is a factor as well. There is no need to buy a low-quality item that fails in months

· Graphics: virtual reality is all about quality images. Therefore, look at the resolution and graphical appeal of images when buying VR stations. Poor images equals eye strain, frustration, and less fun

· Compatibility: buy an item that can work with two or three other devices. It should not be strict on what programs or apps you can run or play on it

· Games: go for VR systems that offer a variety of complete software, apps, and games. Demos are a nuisance. They leave you unsatisfied and wanting more

That being said, let’s look into Sony’s VR system. This way, you will know if it is worth your money or not. The Sony PlayStation VR review explains more about its features. Here is a deeper look into that.


Here are some of the aspects that Sony has to offer for your virtual reality sessions.


This VR PlayStation works with PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro. Its graphics are amazing not forgetting the motion tracking. It is an easy to run PlayStation that will ensure you enjoy using it.


The headset comes in an elegant white color. It is only 1.3pounds heavy. A thick headband runs across your head. It is reinforced with a plastic crosspiece. An elastic part connects to the visor. The wheel and button add to the make of the headset. When the headset is in use, you will love the multicolored lights that come to life.

Ease of use

For the headset to function, first, you need to have the visor over your eyes. Pull the headband back. The elastic part will stretch to ensure the crosspiece snuggly fits at the back of your head. Turn the wheel to tighten the headband if you feel it is a little loose. The button, on the other hand, is used to release the headband to allow you adjust it.

Display quality

The 1920×1080 resolution is good enough to produce visible images. The 120Hz refresh rate assures you of smooth motion. This is much better than headsets running on the 90Hz rate.


Controls are only usable if you buy the $450 headset. They help you in tracking motions. They are great if you stand or sit in front of your TV set. They cannot support whole room motion tracking though.

Game variety

Sony PlayStation VR comes with a good number of games to try out. It provides complete games and demos too. Demos include Driveclub, Thumper, and Rigs. They vary in complexity and cost. Full games include Batman and Until Dawn. The software is high quality, call for creativity and provide a great experience.

Supports non-VR software

The games are basically software or say applications. Now, Sony PlayStation VR works well with non-VR software, apps, and games too. They all play on this device. Watching non-VR applications is a very different experience. For one, the motion controls are disabled. Besides, the app content is displayed on a screen that appears in front of you. However, your movement is tracked to give a more thrilling experience than the one you get when you are in one position only.


The Sony PlayStation currently comes with two purchase options: a VR with the camera and a VR with the camera and two motion controllers. The first one will cost you $400 while the other $450. Whichever you choose, know that it is high quality, affordable and user-friendly. These two headsets will give you an experience of a lifetime.

You will love the graphics capability, the powerful nature of the gadget and its overall features that price will not be a big issue.


· Powerful

· Great virtual reality sessions

· Variety of games

· Motion controls available

· Cost friendly

· Supports non-VR software


· Lower resolution than other brands

· Motion tracking problems

Bottom line

Sony PlayStation VR is a worthwhile investment. Despite the few downsides, it has amazing features to give you a virtual reality experience you want.

A Look into the Best Games


2017 has been a great year for the gaming industry so far. There are lot of games, PC games included, that have been introduced so far and seem to be doing great. Each game tries to stand out so that gamers can consider it as being one of the best games of 2017. There are already some which have been well received by most of the people. As the year goes by, we can only be certain that more games are going to be developed. Some of the best games in 2017 so far include but are not limited to;

1. Vanquish

This game was initially established in 2010. However, it is not only until 2017 that they were able to come up with a PC version of the game. It is a combat game that one plays as in the third person view as explained by one of the people who have played it before. With this game, one can slide across given maps while battling robots in slow motion. How entertaining! Through the great response from users, it has made its way to the list of the best games of 2017

2. Rising Storm2: Vietnam

This is a second series to the Rising storm games. If you have played this game before, you will notice that with this game, it has shifted its setting from World War II to Vietnam. There has been an introduction to automatic weapons which we will be expecting to see more in the best games of 2017. They have

also improved on the speed and accuracy in the game.

3. Flinthook

Flinthook also features as one of the best games of 2017. The grappling hook which is on this game is one of the great features. However, some people have criticized it for being a limited hook. In spite of that, it remains one of the interesting rogue like games that you can enjoy playing.

4. What Remains of Edith Finch 

If you are one to enjoy games that some as a series of stories, then What Remains of Edith Finch will be your best game in 2017. The stories involve an astonishing family which is deceased. Each story is skillfully told by different persons in the family. It has, however, been criticized for not allowing for adequate interactivity between the gamer and the game.

5. Everything

It is among the best games of 2017 as it us funny and deep. It allows the person who is playing it to take up a form from the variety of things in the surrounding. That allows one not to be bored when playing this game. You can take up any form from a galaxy, to being a planet or an island. In addition, an audio recording of Philosopher Alan Watts will play in the back ground as you are gaming. Wouldn’t you also consider it as the best game of 2017?

6. Outlast 2

This horror game has been developed to get into your fears from when you were young. By the end of the game, you will also be shocked and confused at the same time by the events that just took place. More so because the game is played in the first person. As much as not much has changed on the movement compared to the first game, it has definitely improved on how the experience that one gets in the end. For that, it is considered as being one of the best games of 2017.

7. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

It is a smart game which many will enjoy playing. However, it will be a favorite for those who are into games that have grotesque deaths, puzzles and philosophy. This game includes two novels; 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. It is one of the best games of 2017 that you should consider trying out.

8. The Sexy Brutale

It is a game for those who like an adventure. The game has the player going back to the start of a costume ball over and over so that they can thwart killings that took place at the event. It is in how the game was beautifully created that it features on the best games of 2017.

9. Bayonetta

Bayonetta is one of the best games of 2017 for a variety of reason. To begin with, it can finally be played in 4K over a PC. The combat moves in this game have definitely been improved thus enhancing the fighting styles in the action game. The ability of the layer to switch from one mode of playing to the other is also interesting. For instance, she can move from attack mode to dodge mode or vice versa.

As more games will be developed, the competition to be amongst the best games of
2017 will become stiffer. Honorable mentions for other best games of 2017 include; the signal from tolva, battle brothers, Thimbleweed Park and rain world.

The Best Gaming Desktops You Should Try


Gaming is becoming more revolutionary as time goes by. Each year, gaming developers try to come up with the best features that a game could have. With the rapid advancements in the technology in gaming, more interesting games or updates to games are being discovered every day. It is no secret that there are many gaming desktops.

One might, therefore, wonder what the best gaming desktops that are currently
available are. It might be hard for someone to tell because they cannot test out individually each one of them. For that reason, we have come up with some of the best gaming desktops that you should try.

1. Corsair One Pro

It is the first successful gaming desktop that has been developed by Corsair. This
gaming desktop features smooth HD and 4K video gaming power that would averagely be found in a desktop twice its size. With Corsair One Pro, you are assured of having an amazing gaming experience. That is one of the factors that has made it find a spot on the list of the best gaming desktops.

It features a sleek aluminum design that does not take up a lot of desk space. In
addition to that, it has a dual liquid cooling system which works to ensure that while playing a game, the system runs smoothly. Additional features include a RAM of 16 GB, the Intel Core i7 processor, a speed of 4.2 GHz, a 3.1 USB port and a HDMI port among other great features. Being one of the best gaming desktops available it will cost you around $1,799.

2. Cyber Power Gamer Master Ultra

The Cyber Power Gamer Master Ultra will set you back $ 2,399. However, do not be
discouraged by the price. Such a price can only mean that you are getting one of the best gaming desktops that are available. What makes it so good? It has a 16GB RAM. In addition, it has the Ryzen 7 as the processor 1800X which has a high performance. The 3.2 GHz speed that comes with will not disappoint either.

The hardware is all aluminum but it has black along the front of the PC and at the
top part. This gaming desktop works to provide you the best gaming performance
that allows for HD, 4K video gaming, and VR gaming.

3. Origin Neuron

This is another one among the best gaming desktops that you should try. Similar to
the Corsair One Pro, this gaming desktop uses the Intel Core i7-7700K processor. However, it speeds is faster at 5.0GHz. This provides it with a great gaming power. It has been praised for having the one of the best gaming desktops performance.

It has a black aluminum design which features a CPU cooler on the front panel of
the desktop and a fan at the back. It has plenty of storage with the double 250 GB SSD and 2TB drives. Connecting to other devices will also be easy as it features has two USB ports, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack.

4. Digital Storm Velox

Digital Storm Velox has been described as one of the best gaming desktops with high-end performance. You will enjoy playing all your 3D games on either HD or Virtual
Reality. In addition, it has the great seventh generation Intel processor, Intel Core i7 and a processor of 5GHz. The airflows which are located at the bottom, top and front together with the liquid cooling system work to prevent overheating which might cause it to lag.

However, you should be aware that it is somewhat larger than some of the other gaming desktops. What makes one of the best gaming desktops is that it has a storage
capacity of 32GB RAM which can be expanded.

5. Velocity Micro Raptor 295

Consider this as one of the best gaming desktops options that you can choose. It has
really impressive features that make its price worth it. The sleek body, which is black brushed aluminum, was designed such that it is slim thus not taking up a lot of space. Given that there are a lot of gaming things that you have to save, the 32GB RAM and the 3TB that comes with it will provide sufficient storage for all that.

It has numerous ports that come with it which facilitate easier connectivity to other devices. It is one, among the few, best gaming desktops that have the latest core i9 thus you can imagine how effective its performance is.

To conclude there are many gaming desktops which have grown to be considered as
some of the best gaming desktops in 2017. They all have amazing features with variations from one type to the other. You should carefully look at the performance and the gaming experience that some of these best gaming desktops provide before choosing on one.