Among the over 85 chemical compounds to be found in hemp is cannabidiol (CBD). It’s to be counted among the unique components of hemp referred to as cannabinoids. These components are naturally produced in the human body in the form of endocannabinoids, but they can be ingested in the form of phytocannabinoids. What they do in the body is work with the central nervous system to help regulate body functions such as mood, appetite, and sleep, keeping them all well balanced. CBD oil is to be counted among effective phytocannabinoids. 

How Exactly Does It Work? 

  • Origin: We get CBD oil by extracting it from certain strains of cannabis, as it’s to be found in abundance here (about 40% concentration). You can get it in both non-psychoactive (hemp) and psychoactive (marijuana) cannabis, although hemp is preferred due to the legal ease of working with hemp. 
  • Effect: As we mentioned, CBD can help us regulate bodily processes such as pain sensation, mood, appetite, inflammation control, immune system function, and memory. It works kind of like how vitamin C helps kickstarts our immune system – it keeps the receptors of our central nervous system in optimal shape to perform its many functions. 
  • Will You Get High?: A common mistake made by many of us is to equate the non-psychoactive and totally legal CBD with its psychoactive cousin, THC. THC is what gives marijuana its intoxicating properties. You can not get high when taking CBD as it works entirely differently from THC. 

Why Go For CBD? 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the US health authorities think of CBD. They found that cannabinoids had antioxidant properties quite removed from NMDA receptor antagonism. This property made it a useful agent in treating and preventing numerous oxidation related illnesses, including age-related, ischemic, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases.  

They further noted that cannabinoids were particularly effective as neuroprotectants, which would be useful in the minimization of neurological damage in the wake of strokes and traumas as well as in the treatment regime for neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and HIV dementia. Non-psychoactive cannabinoids were found to be particularly advantageous because the potential toxicity of psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses is avoided. 

This is all a paraphrased excerpt from the paper: ‘Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants’, whose patent (# 6,630,507) is held by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. 


The Various Types OF CBD oil Products Available 

It’s always a good move to do a bit of research on the concentration and product type before making your purchases, so here’s a quick look at what’s out there: 


These are to be taken orally by placing a couple of drops underneath your tongue. They will usually come in relatively strong concentrations when compared to other CBD products, ranging from 100mg to 1000mg. 

Some Advice: Tinctures work best when absorbed underneath the tongue, so be sure not to swallow the liquid right away. Try and hold it underneath your tongue as well as along the inside of your cheeks for as long as possible. 

CBD Concentrates 

These are the strongest CBD dosages legally available, up to ten times as strong as regular CBD products. They are very convenient to ingest, only taking a few seconds. These are for the busy CBD oil users who want to save time but still want a high-potency product.  

  • Some Advice: You’ll get these in disposable oral applicators. You’ll use these to place the drops under your tongue for a while before swallowing. 

CBD Capsules 

These make it incredibly easy to CBD into your daily dietary supplement regime. The approximately 25mg capsules are very easily taken. 

  • Some Advice: Just take them as needed or recommended with a glass of water as you would any other supplement. 


These are CBD infused lotions, lip balms, salves and others created to make use of the skin-benefitting properties of CBD. It has been found to be helpful in combating inflammation, chronic pain, psoriasis, acne, cancer, aging, as well as a host of other ailments and conditions. 

  • Some Advice: These are best used as you would any other skin care products – only when considered necessary or in the case of certain skin ailments. 

CBD Sprays 

These are probably the lowest-concentrated CBD products in the market, typically ranging from 1mg to 3mg. You take them by spraying the serving into your mouth as needed or recommended. 

  • Some Advice: These are to be used daily or as required. Check on the bottle to see the labeled serving size. 

Vape Juices 

According to the reviews available to us, vaporizing CBD oil seems to rank as the least effective intake method when compared to capsules, tinctures, and sprays. On the other hand, its supporters make the claim that vaporizing or smoking makes better sense as you avoid the delayed effect and inconsistent absorption you get with oral ingestion. 

  • Some Advice: To use CBD vape oil, you’ll need a vape pen, e-cigarette, or vaporizer which you’ll add the oil into. Heat it up and inhale as required. 

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