The 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick is a great addition to the gaming industry. Its innovation came to rectifying some of the disadvantages that were on the other sticks. For instance, some of the other sticks which were available could only be used while the switch was connected to the dock.

With 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick you can use it either when you are connected to the USB ports or wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. That has played out to be a really important factor to the console as it has made the gaming experience to be more quite easier.

We shall try to have a look at the in-depth factors that have made the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick to be a big gaming accessory.

1. It’s relatively affordable

It is no secret that many people who love playing games will go an extra mile and spend what they can just to get a great arcade stick that will suit their needs as expected. However, with 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick, you will not have to lose an arm and a leg before you can buy it.

At $79.99 if we consider it to be a relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other available sticks. The 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick has many great features regardless of being too fairly priced.

2. Design

By looking at it, it is apparent that the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick has a Nintendo theme. At 3.3 pounds, you will not feel as though it is heavy if you have to carry it around. It is not bulky. The body is colored light gray while the panel is black. The button’s redness gives a pop of color. There are eight buttons each having its own function. It measures 8.8 by 11.7 inches and is 2.6 tall in inches from the base.

The 8bitdo NES30 has a USB port at the back where a charging cable, six feet long, can be connected. Devices that do not allow for Bluetooth connectivity can also be connected through this UBS port. Four rubber feet have conveniently been added at the bottom so that the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick does not slide off from a surface.

Near the top edge of the stick, there is the start button, an indicator light, and even switches as well. These switches are important as they let you change from either having the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick as a XInput or DirectInput.

3. Compatibility

8bitdo NES30 arcade stick works well across many devices. It can be synced to Nintendo switch, PCs, Macs and devices running on Android. Being able to work across many other devices is convenient as it does not limit. The manual that comes with the stick will provide you a set of instructions on how you can connect to other gaming devices well. Each one of the mentioned devices which can sync to the stick is connected differently.

For instance, when you want to connect to an Android device, you will have to witch to the DINput. Power the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick by pressing and holding the start button for a few seconds. Thereafter, you will be able to use the stick via Bluetooth. It mostly pairs and functions with all the said devices without any troubles.

However, the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick cannot be connected to the Xbox or the PlayStation 4.

4. Performance

The buttons and the joystick of the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick will definitely give you a great gaming experience especially when playing the fighting games. Games such as Ultra Street Fighter will work effectively using this stick. The stick also performs very well on games that aren’t about fights. However, they need to improve on the controls, responses, and movements as they have been said not be as effective as that of some of the competitors such as Hori.

To conclude, the 8bitdo NES30 arcade stick will not disappoint. Given that it can effectively pair with a range of machines, it is a good option for you if you have different devices you would like to use it one. The biggest feature, however, will remain the wireless connection that this stick is. Gone are the days where you would struggle with the many wires that come with a wired stick.