Australia has made an historic vote in favour of same-sex marriage, with Tim Cook amongst those voicing congratulations

Yesterday Australia took a major step towards legalising marriage equality, after what Malcolm Turnbull described as an “unequivocal, overwhelming” vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

Messages of support have been pouring in across social media, including from the tech sector. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was amongst those sending out his congratulations:

“Congratulations Australia! Another important step toward equality for all,” he said.

When Cook originally posted the tweet, however, he used the New Zealand flag instead of the Australian one. He quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with the correct flag, but not before screenshots started to do the rounds.

(Tweet with NZ flag. Credit: CNET)

To someone unfamiliar with the flags, they do look very similar. The most prominent difference is the additional star in the Australian flag.

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