There are many laptop brands in the market, be it in the local stores or on online business platforms. The secret to deciding which one fits you is looking at the main features of a laptop. We are talking about issues such as storage space on the hard disk, image quality, processing speed, and multitasking capability. Once you understand these terms, it is easier purchasing what you really need.

Now, with this HP 15ay011nr review, there are several aspects of the HP brand to like.


HP 15-ay011nr uses dual-core 6th generation Intel processor. This makes it quite fast at running and completing several tasks at a go.

The HP 15- ay011nr laptop can perform simple graphics tasks. The Intel HD Graphics 520 chip makes this possible. Both soft copy and hard copy (paper) images produced by the HP are eye-catching, clear and sharp. Therefore, you avoid making low-quality graphics products.

The multitasking capabilities of HP 15- ay011nr will ensure you enjoy streaming videos online, go through photographs, and like every moment of it. This way, your eyes are safe from straining.

Design and construction

HP 15- ay011nr comes in an elegant black and silver color combo that makes it look great. The slim design adds to its beauty. The corners are well finished with textured liner groves for a great look. The keyboard area is large and well-spaced to ensure you are comfortable typing commands. The touchpad area is sensitive to touch, giving you easy time using this device.

The 15.6-inch screen is big enough to ensure you have a good view of the text, images, illustrations and any other content on the laptop. The resolution is amazing considering the 1920× 1080 pixel rating. You will love the high definition display of the screen and its WLED backlight nature. If you are into basic graphic design, you will love the image quality of the HP 15-ay0111nr.

This is strong, sturdy brand worth your attention. It is lightweight. The 2kgs is really nothing to carry around. This is the perfect midrange notebook laptop for those business trips and travel adventures.

If you want a slim laptop with a slot for DVDs and CDs, this is the brand to buy. It allows you enjoy time on the internet, thanks to its excellent speed. If you are into gaming, this device supports basic games.

Storage space

The 1TB hard drive capacity is spacious enough. You can store a wide range of quality content including photos, videos, movies, series, music files, and documents. Remember, high-quality videos and images are big in size, meaning they will take up more space on your hard drive. The 1TB will be enough.


HP 15-ay011nr supports file transfer through Bluetooth. Besides, there are USB ports to help with file sharing on external devices such as smartphones and flash drives. The HDMI port allows you connect your laptop to your smart TV.

Internet connection is fantastic. The 802.11ac wireless internet connection protocol is quick to ensure you enjoy your online experiences. Skyping, sending emails, watching videos and performing other tasks online will be a ride in the park.

Battery hours

You have 7hours to enjoy before HP 15- ay011nr warns you of your battery running low. This way, as long as you charge fully, you can attend class, make presentations and store photos without worrying about the battery. 7hours are enough to finish such tasks.

What about gaming?

You do not have to buy a laptop dedicated to gaming if you play simple games. HP 15-AY011nr is here for you. It supports RPG and RTS in lower settings. The heavy games are not recommended for this laptop. If you have an RTS or RPG game in lower settings but not playing well on the HP, consider buying a better Intel HD graphics card, one better than the 520 one. This will give you more thrilling, exciting, quality gaming sessions.


HP has quality sound systems to ensure you enjoy watching movies and playing games on it. The DTS sound studio provides users with great sound. Listening to music will be more appealing.

Final verdict

HP 15-AY011nr is a great laptop to invest in. Starting from its 1TB storage space, processing speed, battery life to its design and construction, these are all features to marvel at. It may not support heavy gaming or graphics but it gets many tasks done. You can multitask as well. Such shortcomings should not prevent you from acquiring a device that will be helpful in several occasions.