The MSI GT780DXR is a giant of a machine, full with closely the whole lot you will need to play games similar a champion. This spacious laptop has a big quantity of memory, amply of hard drive space, as well as many extra features.

The unit is pretty weighty, weighing into at just a touch underneath 4kg, as well as pretty bulky too, mainly to the back of the notebook, wherever it extends to stand 60 mm tall if you comprise the tiny rubber feet.

And given this chunkiness together with a somewhat plain black texture, the 780DXR is unlikely to win any prizes for its aesthetic. On the advantage, the machine is strongly built and faces no construct excellence issues.

Once the PC is opened up, the artistic are likewise average – we were not so intense on the silver fine-mesh presenter grilles, for instance. However, this actually is a device which is not concerned through form, however function. That function being quick frame rate plus gaming, of course, though some facet of the design are considerate in terms of the gamer’s requirements beyond firm and fluid act.


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Primarily, we are talking around the keyboard which has been intended by Steel series. It is a nice plus big full keyboard, through well-spaced Chiclet grace keys. The act of the keyboard is fairly clicky, however it offers a solid and enjoyable typing skill on the entire. The design of the keys has also been somewhat altered from the standard to advantage gamers.

The spacebar has been moved over to the left a bit, thus it, the Control key in the bottommost left corner, as well as the WASD keys form a trio. In additional words, it is comfy for the left hand with the customary shooter control system – which is a pleasant touch.

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Anti-glare screen

Certainly, the dominant fascination isn’t the supportive peripherals, however the central spec – the display, computer, and the graphic card support it up. Luckily, it is all worthy news on this score, also. The 17.3in display is a complete HD 1920 x 1080 issue, and it is a sharp display by an anti-glare coat.

The trend recently has been to glossy displays with gaming laptops to confirm vibrant colors, however they furthermore confirm rather less comfy echoes in livelier environment. With this MSI notepad, while sat in a well-lit room you could be assured you will not have to gaze at your individual mug through darker gaming otherwise movie scene. The anti-reflective display is a very keen boon, however the finest part is the colors still continue vibrant as well as well balanced. Blu-ray cinemas looked mainly inspiring.

In terms of raw fire power, the MSI GT780DXR derives prepared through an Intel Core i7-2670QM, a quad central beast which runs on 2.2GHz, through turbo up to 3.1GHz. That is backed up through a strong mobile graphic resolution, the Nvidia Ge Force GTX 570M through 1.5GB of video memorial on board. 8GB of scheme memory is delivered.

Suffice this to say that gamers will not be dissatisfied through the performance here, or else the outstanding display which creates the most of those greater visual feature setting. There is also a fan button to go on additional cooling for while the laptop is being pressed hard interpreting 3D graphics.

Fan noise

Bear in mind, however, that the additional fan power is pretty darn loud, and could be heard above the speaker turned up occupied. Certainly, the default fan swiftness is perceptible, and a touch noisy. Heat stages are not bad – however as you would expect through a machine packing this kind of graphics fire power, the base does get rather warm while gaming, however not to a difficult degree.

MSI’s work on the sonic sideways is nearly as imposing as the fluid graphics this device provides. Twin Dynaudio utterers are supported up through a subwoofer, as well as this package really delivers certain pretty decent bass deepness.

The MSI GT780DXRis a bit large, not much to gaze at, as well as it does not fare well away from the mains. The fan is furthermore a bit loud, mainly while it kicks up a kit. Though, we valued this notebook’s excellence anti-glare display as well as fluid structure rates, not to state certain smart additional touch for the gamer, for example the keyboard design as well as inclusion of decent gaming mouse.