Sony PlayStation VR is a popular brand when it comes to electronics. In case you are wondering what VR is, it simply stands for virtual reality. Before buying any VR device, it is essential to research and find out more about it.

Factors to consider before buying a SONY PlayStation VR

· Performance: a great VR is powerful, high quality, fast and does not have frequent technical problems. It should also be easy to use

· Price: affordability is key but the quality is a factor as well. There is no need to buy a low-quality item that fails in months

· Graphics: virtual reality is all about quality images. Therefore, look at the resolution and graphical appeal of images when buying VR stations. Poor images equals eye strain, frustration, and less fun

· Compatibility: buy an item that can work with two or three other devices. It should not be strict on what programs or apps you can run or play on it

· Games: go for VR systems that offer a variety of complete software, apps, and games. Demos are a nuisance. They leave you unsatisfied and wanting more

That being said, let’s look into Sony’s VR system. This way, you will know if it is worth your money or not. The Sony PlayStation VR review explains more about its features. Here is a deeper look into that.


Here are some of the aspects that Sony has to offer for your virtual reality sessions.


This VR PlayStation works with PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro. Its graphics are amazing not forgetting the motion tracking. It is an easy to run PlayStation that will ensure you enjoy using it.


The headset comes in an elegant white color. It is only 1.3pounds heavy. A thick headband runs across your head. It is reinforced with a plastic crosspiece. An elastic part connects to the visor. The wheel and button add to the make of the headset. When the headset is in use, you will love the multicolored lights that come to life.

Ease of use

For the headset to function, first, you need to have the visor over your eyes. Pull the headband back. The elastic part will stretch to ensure the crosspiece snuggly fits at the back of your head. Turn the wheel to tighten the headband if you feel it is a little loose. The button, on the other hand, is used to release the headband to allow you adjust it.

Display quality

The 1920×1080 resolution is good enough to produce visible images. The 120Hz refresh rate assures you of smooth motion. This is much better than headsets running on the 90Hz rate.


Controls are only usable if you buy the $450 headset. They help you in tracking motions. They are great if you stand or sit in front of your TV set. They cannot support whole room motion tracking though.

Game variety

Sony PlayStation VR comes with a good number of games to try out. It provides complete games and demos too. Demos include Driveclub, Thumper, and Rigs. They vary in complexity and cost. Full games include Batman and Until Dawn. The software is high quality, call for creativity and provide a great experience.

Supports non-VR software

The games are basically software or say applications. Now, Sony PlayStation VR works well with non-VR software, apps, and games too. They all play on this device. Watching non-VR applications is a very different experience. For one, the motion controls are disabled. Besides, the app content is displayed on a screen that appears in front of you. However, your movement is tracked to give a more thrilling experience than the one you get when you are in one position only.


The Sony PlayStation currently comes with two purchase options: a VR with the camera and a VR with the camera and two motion controllers. The first one will cost you $400 while the other $450. Whichever you choose, know that it is high quality, affordable and user-friendly. These two headsets will give you an experience of a lifetime.

You will love the graphics capability, the powerful nature of the gadget and its overall features that price will not be a big issue.


· Powerful

· Great virtual reality sessions

· Variety of games

· Motion controls available

· Cost friendly

· Supports non-VR software


· Lower resolution than other brands

· Motion tracking problems

Bottom line

Sony PlayStation VR is a worthwhile investment. Despite the few downsides, it has amazing features to give you a virtual reality experience you want.