Now don’t get me wrong, having the right gaming rig is essential, but have you considered what the hours of sitting while you play are doing to your body? I doubt it very much! As a gamer myself, all I was concerned about was having the best graphics card, not the fanciest chair. But it is important. Not only will it make you way more comfortable, but it will also help you maintain your concentration so you get killed way less. Kind of a big plus if you ask me!

Best Gaming Chair in the world bar none

For this, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Here is one of the Best Gaming Chairs  (Visit money could buy! Say hello to the Office Master OM5. This chair is amazing. It has some awesome features, including smartly adjusting itself to your sitting position without you needing to lift a finger! The build quality of these chairs is also stellar and has a premium feeling that you get from even more expensive chairs without spending more money. Although you might be sitting there thinking “No way is that chair going to be able to automatically adjust itself to suit me”, but it’s true! Several reviewers have expressed their amazement at how the chair performs without needing any automatic adjustment. You can still adjust the height of the chair, so if you’re super tall or super short, don’t stress, you can change it up (or down!) to suit you.


The best part of the OM5 is that while you get all this amazing quality and features, it is also available at a midrange price, so you don’t have to give up your dream graphics card in exchange for what we consider to be one of the Best Gaming Chairs out!

One of the most highly recommended Best Gaming Chairs on a budget

If you just can’t stand the idea of giving up that hi-spec graphics card or processor, then this gaming chair may suit your budget a little better. Say hello to the ProGrid Back Managers Chair. This chair isn’t as fancy as the automatic OM5, but it is great for the gamer who wants to spend more on their gaming rig than on their furniture. It offers a large amount of adjustments; in fact, it offers the same amount of adjustment points as more expensive chairs in the market, including the budget-busting OM5 Best Gaming Chairs. It also has been reviewed and determined to have a very comfortable seat and mesh back. The mesh back will also breathe, so you won’t sweat too much while in intensive fire-fights.

On the downside, the arms of the chair have been determined to be cheap, and while the fact that the chair offers a large amount of adjustment is considered to be a plus, it is also considered to be somewhat of a negative. There are so many adjustment areas that require a lot of finessing to get the chair to be set up exactly as you want it, so this can be overwhelming when all you want to do is sit down and get into the gaming realm. While the overall build quality may not be the same as the OM5, it suits a gamer looking for that budget-friendly option.

Ergonomics are not just for the workplace

Now that we’ve told you about the Best Gaming Chairs to suit your purchasing needs, you may be asking yourself why you need to spend so much money, or any money at all when you could go on using your old computer chair you’ve always had? The answer is: Ergonomics. Ergonomics are so important to a gamer, and here’s why. Having a chair that allows for adjustment in the following areas can really help you to game long into the nights. Having height control, armrest height control, tension control, backrest lock, and a seat pan slider will all give you the support that you need once adjusted to suit you.

So, where to next?

Now you know which are the Best Gaming Chairs to get you rolling, you need to determine what you are going to do with this amazing information. If cost is no issue, go for the OM5. This chair is the best gaming chair you can get without exception, and the ergonomics will sort themselves for you thanks to the wizardry of the chair. If you can’t afford the luxury of the OM5, but still want the ergonomic benefits, the Best Gaming Chairs for those on a more economical budget is the ProGrid Back Managers Chair with a few ergonomic adjustments of your own. The world is yours! At least in chair terms!