Gaming is becoming more revolutionary as time goes by. Each year, gaming developers try to come up with the best features that a game could have. With the rapid advancements in the technology in gaming, more interesting games or updates to games are being discovered every day. It is no secret that there are many gaming desktops.

One might, therefore, wonder what the best gaming desktops that are currently
available are. It might be hard for someone to tell because they cannot test out individually each one of them. For that reason, we have come up with some of the best gaming desktops that you should try.

1. Corsair One Pro

It is the first successful gaming desktop that has been developed by Corsair. This
gaming desktop features smooth HD and 4K video gaming power that would averagely be found in a desktop twice its size. With Corsair One Pro, you are assured of having an amazing gaming experience. That is one of the factors that has made it find a spot on the list of the best gaming desktops.

It features a sleek aluminum design that does not take up a lot of desk space. In
addition to that, it has a dual liquid cooling system which works to ensure that while playing a game, the system runs smoothly. Additional features include a RAM of 16 GB, the Intel Core i7 processor, a speed of 4.2 GHz, a 3.1 USB port and a HDMI port among other great features. Being one of the best gaming desktops available it will cost you around $1,799.

2. Cyber Power Gamer Master Ultra

The Cyber Power Gamer Master Ultra will set you back $ 2,399. However, do not be
discouraged by the price. Such a price can only mean that you are getting one of the best gaming desktops that are available. What makes it so good? It has a 16GB RAM. In addition, it has the Ryzen 7 as the processor 1800X which has a high performance. The 3.2 GHz speed that comes with will not disappoint either.

The hardware is all aluminum but it has black along the front of the PC and at the
top part. This gaming desktop works to provide you the best gaming performance
that allows for HD, 4K video gaming, and VR gaming.

3. Origin Neuron

This is another one among the best gaming desktops that you should try. Similar to
the Corsair One Pro, this gaming desktop uses the Intel Core i7-7700K processor. However, it speeds is faster at 5.0GHz. This provides it with a great gaming power. It has been praised for having the one of the best gaming desktops performance.

It has a black aluminum design which features a CPU cooler on the front panel of
the desktop and a fan at the back. It has plenty of storage with the double 250 GB SSD and 2TB drives. Connecting to other devices will also be easy as it features has two USB ports, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack.

4. Digital Storm Velox

Digital Storm Velox has been described as one of the best gaming desktops with high-end performance. You will enjoy playing all your 3D games on either HD or Virtual
Reality. In addition, it has the great seventh generation Intel processor, Intel Core i7 and a processor of 5GHz. The airflows which are located at the bottom, top and front together with the liquid cooling system work to prevent overheating which might cause it to lag.

However, you should be aware that it is somewhat larger than some of the other gaming desktops. What makes one of the best gaming desktops is that it has a storage
capacity of 32GB RAM which can be expanded.

5. Velocity Micro Raptor 295

Consider this as one of the best gaming desktops options that you can choose. It has
really impressive features that make its price worth it. The sleek body, which is black brushed aluminum, was designed such that it is slim thus not taking up a lot of space. Given that there are a lot of gaming things that you have to save, the 32GB RAM and the 3TB that comes with it will provide sufficient storage for all that.

It has numerous ports that come with it which facilitate easier connectivity to other devices. It is one, among the few, best gaming desktops that have the latest core i9 thus you can imagine how effective its performance is.

To conclude there are many gaming desktops which have grown to be considered as
some of the best gaming desktops in 2017. They all have amazing features with variations from one type to the other. You should carefully look at the performance and the gaming experience that some of these best gaming desktops provide before choosing on one.