Sunday 15 July 2018
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Top 6 GTA 5 Cheats that Will Help Improve your Game Experience

Top 6 GTA 5 Cheats that Will Help Improve your Game Experience

Completing missions GTA 5 is not easy, especially if you are a novice player. Several GTA 5 cheats have been developed to help players beat missions and enhance their gaming experience. These cheats should be used in moderation in order to make the game more engaging and worthwhile. In other words, if you cheat every now and then, your GTA gaming experience will not be as engaging as it should be. You should only use GTA V cheats when it is really necessary. Here are the top six cheats for GTA 5 PS4 game that you should use while playing.

1. Skyfall Cheat


The Skyfall cheat makes your GTA 5 character re-spawn in the sky and as result skydives to an area of less danger. This cheat can help your character avoid being arrested by policemen, or escape from dangerous enemies approaching from all directions. The code combo that you enter on your game controller in order to activate this cheat is L1>L2> R1> R2> Left> Right> Left> Right> L1> L2> R1> R2> Left> Right> Left> Right. To activate this cheat, just hit these buttons in successive series on your controller. You can also activate the Skyfall cheat by dialing 1-999-759-3255 into your character cell phone while playing the GTA 5 game. 

2. Invincibility Cheat

This is one of the popular GTA 5 cheats that can help you complete missions with ease. The Invincibility cheat comes in handy when you are outnumbered and overpowered while playing. When you feel like you are losing it, you can use the invincibility cheat to subdue your adversaries and subsequently complete a mission. With this cheat, your GTA character will be simply unbeatable when chasing your mission goals. To activate this GTA cheat press Right> X> Right> Left> Right> R1> Right> Left> X> Triangle on your game controller. To activate the Invincibility cheat using the GTA character’s cell phone, dial 1-999-724-654-5537.

3. Lower Wanted Level

Your character’s wanted levels can hinder you from completing missions. Wanted levels are usually indicated in the form of stars with the highest levels being five stars while the lowest having no wanted level’s star at all. When your stars are four or five, local police units will be hot in pursuit looking to either arrest or shoot your GTA character dead. In some of the GTA V missions, the character should have very low wanted levels in order to successfully launch a strike that will win missions. To activate the Lower Wanted Level cheat press R1> R1> O> R2> Right> Left> Right> Left> Right> Left on your game controller pad or call 1-999-5299-3787 on your character’s cell phone. 

4. Explosive Melee Attacks Cheat

This cheat can help you win battles when your GTA character is cornered by enemies. You can use this cheat to launch a series of explosives that will leave your adversaries completely beaten and allow you to proceed to the next level. This cheat however, should be used for high-end GTA missions that involve enemies with sophisticated assault rifles and combat materials. Press Right> Left> X> Triangle> R1> O> O> O> L2 to activate this cheat or dial 1-999-462-842-637 on your character’s cell phone.

5. Fast Run Cheat 

To make your GTA character run faster than normal speed, you can activate the Fast Run cheat. This will help your character avoid being arrested or attacked while playing. The Fast Run cheat is also important when you need to reach a particular place in as short time as possible. Instead of taking someone else’s car that will attract the attention of local police units, you can use the Fast Run cheat and still reach your desired destination in good time. To activate this cheat hit Triangle> Left> Right> Right> L2> L1> Square on your player’s pad or call 1-999-228-8463 on your GTA character’s cell phone.

6. Change Weather Cheat

In order to make your gaming experience more engaging, you can change the local weather conditions to suit your requirements. You can make it rainy, sunny, windy or even freezing cold with snow falling everywhere just like you want it. The Change Weather cheat will help you make the game graphics more appealing or even in some cases, make it more difficult for your enemies to launch a successful attack against your GTA character. Press R2> X> L1> L1> L2> L2> L2> Square on your game control pad to make this GTA cheat active or dial 1-999-625-348-7246 on your character’s cell phone. 

These are the top 6 GTA 5 cheats that you should use to improve your gaming experience. Remember that there are also several other cheats that you should know about and may be use to complete your GTA missions. Some good examples include the Bang Bang cheat (Right> Square> X> Left> R1> R2> Left> Right> Right> L1> L1> L1), the Give Parachute cheat (Left> Right> L1> L2> R1> R2> R2> Left> Left> Right> L1) and the Max Health and Max Armor cheat (Circle> L1> Triangle> R2> X> Square> Circle> Right> Square> L1> L1> L1). Also remember to use the GTA 5 cheats sparingly in order to get maximum game achievements as you play.